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Famous Rings
The Hottest Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

The wedding season is currently at its peak. At the same time, many more men around the world are making the big decision of proposing …

Designer Rings
35 Art-Deco Engagement Rings by A. Jaffe

MES600 – 0.45 CT Two Tone Round Milgrain Halo Engagement Ring This two-tone engagement ring features a delicate pinched shank. The shank is encrusted with round pavé set diamonds and the gold halo holds natural yellow diamonds. The accent diamonds total …

Breath-Taking Ring Shots
12 Incredible Engagement Ring Captures from Andi Diamond

I recently stumbled upon Andi Diamond, a local Tampa Bay wedding photographer. Andi Diamond enjoys capturing the wedding day and states that “photographing rings is one of the most important captures of the wedding day.” …

Breath-Taking Ring Shots
16 Elegant Diamond Engagement Rings Captured by Marissa Moss

The following eye-candy photos are from Marissa Moss. Marissa is a wonderful wedding photographer from the Tampa area. I got a chance to ask her a few questions and here was her replies about taking photos …

Breath-Taking Ring Shots
15 Breath-Taking Diamond Ring Photos from Best Photography

I always enjoy seeing what professional photographers can do with wedding rings and diamonds. This week we take a look into Josh and Rachel Best of who took the following beautiful ring shots! Enjoy

Designer Rings
43 Rings from the Seasons of Love by A. Jaffe

MES418 – 5.36 CT Exclusive Statement Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring This setting elegantly caresses a diamond sized 5.00 CT or larger. The band is adorned with 52 round diamonds in a 0.36 CT pavé setting. …

Designer Rings
47 Stellar Diamond Engagement Rings from A. Jaffe – Classic Collection

These 47 diamond engagement rings from AJafee are from their Classic Collection. The designs reflect a time when A. Jaffee first started (1892-1930). ME1083 – 0.4 CT Classic Five Stone Engagement Ring This five stone …

Famous Rings
Top 15 Diamonds in Hollywood and Who Wears Them!

In Hollywood the race to impress is always a close win and when expressing one’s love and devotion for another, Tinsel Town is known for “the bigger, the better.” Here’s a list of big names …

Designer Rings
61 Awesome Engagement Rings – The Metropolitan Collection by A. Jaffe

MES597 – 0.37 CT Art Designed Two Tone Halo Emerald Ring This Emerald cut engagement ring holds plenty of diamonds that run along the shank, under the base of the center stone and around the …

Designer Rings
Top 20 Fancy Diamond and Anniversary Rings at 25Karats

Promoting the company nor do I have any affiliation while writing this article. Prices may not be 100% accurate – so check to get the most accurate pricing. FR25441 – 0.3 CT Diamond Fancy Ring This …

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!