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Special Cut Diamonds
The Scintillating Fire of the Kotlar Cushion Diamond Cut

The Kotlar Cushion Diamond Cut is considered the ultimate in diamond jewelry cuts for its sparkling perfection. The diamond has long been a symbol of …

Fancy Color Diamonds
8 Famous Pink Diamonds Through Time

Diamonds go far beyond basic white; you can find natural diamonds that are blue, red, yellow, green, and many more beautiful colors. But one of the most desirable– and rare– colors is pink. Here, we …

Diamond Investing
The Value of Loose Diamonds as an Investment

Diamonds are often discredited as an investment instrument. Take a closer look at those who are rejecting the concept of buying loose diamonds as an investment and you will see that almost all of them …

Special Cut Diamonds
The Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut by Finesse of New York

The Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut is proprietary or patented diamond cut registered in the U.S. Trademark Office owned by Finesse Diamonds of New York. The patented brand name is 88cut and the description is 88-facet octagonal, …

Industry News
What Happened During Debeers “A Diamond is Forever” Marketing Campaign

For young women today, receiving a diamond ring with a proposal is an important, even expected, tradition. The ring symbolizes love and commitment, the beginning of a life together. Their mother received a diamond engagement …

Industry News
How Consumers Can Stop the Blood Diamonds Trade

If concerned about the blood diamond trade, it can be tempting to avoid a diamond purchase altogether. The unfortunate truth is, it can be very difficult to find a stone that is guaranteed to be …

Fancy Color Diamonds
How to Sell a Fancy Colored Diamond

Not everyone knows that colored diamonds exist, and many who do don’t realize purchasing one is even a viable option when looking for the perfect stone. When trying to sell a fancy colored diamond, there …

Industry News
What are Conflict Diamonds and What is the Kimberley Process

Conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds, are diamonds sold to fund armed conflict or a civil war. They are mined in a war zone, and the profits are used to finance an insurgency, warlords, rebel groups, …

Industry News
May 2013 Diamond Price List is Online for Rounds and Fancy Shapes!

May 2013 Price List is Available! This month we expect diamond prices to be stable. Springtime is here and summer is approaching. It is definitely peak wedding season right now as a few friends of mine in the …

Industry News
March 2013 – Diamond Wholesale Price List Available!

March 2013 Price List is Live and Ready! We noticed that the trend for diamond prices have slightly declined over the last month and we expect a slight but not any drastic movement in prices to …

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!