Diamond Certificate Generator

Have you ever had problems with negotiations? Most people when they go diamond shopping they really aren't sure where to start. Our certificate generator helps you create a certificate that you can take to the store with you and present it when the time is right to start your negotiations.

Please note that the certificate price represents diamond retail market value and you will probably end up paying more because of the setting you get which can range from $300 to $1,000 and in addition to just mark up value. All certificate calculations are provided by FindMyRock.com and are estimates of current market values. The certificate should not be used to replace a valid diamond grading lab report or an estimate. Its merely a printable market value guess of your diamond value.

Carat Weight .50 ct & Higher

For more accurate pricing please check FindMyRocks Diamond Price List

Disclaimer: FindMyRock.com is NOT affiliated with the marketing or selling of diamonds. All prices are estimates according to the diamond market. Diamond prices are subject to change based on current market conditions and are updated often.