Costco Diamond Quality

Costco Diamond Quality

I’m curious as to the quality of the diamond engagement rings sold at Costco. I’m impressed with their limited selection, but have also heard that their quality has dipped recently. Diamonds under 1 carat do not come with GIA certification. Is this a cause for concern? Thank you!

I can not compare or recommend one retailer over another. Each diamond must be evaluated independently so you have to look and evaluate it. One store may have a great diamond here or there if the right person knows what they are looking at.

However, how can one evaluate if there is no diamond grading report? Hopefully they have another type of diamond grading report such as AGS or IGI, but I would prefer GIA. If there is no diamond grading report at all – then avoid it at all costs since you have no idea what you are really buying.

Author: Frank Fisher

Frank Fisher (Sasha Evdakov) started learning about diamonds at a young age through his cultural background and family influence. He spent years being mentored by the best diamond dealers and has been studying diamonds and the diamond market since 1998.