Determining Diamond Size Between Two Carat Weights 0.7 vs 0.6

Determining Diamond Size Between Two Carat Weights 0.7 vs 0.6

Hi there,
I am currently looking at an engagement ring. It is a round brillant stone with bead set band.
My question is around the main diamond. We have a strict budget to spend of €3,500 and I am looking at 2 stones… 1 is 0.6ct diamond, D Colour SI1 while the other is 0.7ct diamond, H Colour SI2 – the certificate states that the 0.7ct is an excellent cut. I haven’t seen the 0.6ct cert yet. My question is should I go for 0.6ct D diamond or the 0.7ct H colour. Is there much of a difference in size, i.e will the 0.6ct be smaller looking on my hand or are they very similar in size?

Okay first thing is check the certificate of the other diamond. You want to make sure its from the same laboratory this way you are comparing apples to apples. Regarding the clarity difference, SI1 is still considered eye-clear according to GIA, however with H vs D you may be able to tell the difference.

Here are some important points from some of my past articles you may want to read:

“When a customer has a three carat round brilliant cut diamond and are looking to upgrade to a larger diamond, they need to consider a five carat round brilliant cut diamond as a four carat round brilliant cut diamond will not look appreciably larger than the three carat diamond.”

Also: Check the summary at the end and read it multiple times.

In short, you will probably not be able to tell the difference between the .6 vs the .7 carat because a diamond is 3D object and it is so minuscule of a difference in reference to weight. However, you may be able to see the difference in color. If you have an opportunity to compare the two diamonds side by side, do so.

Thanks, Frank

Author: Frank Fisher

Frank Fisher (Sasha Evdakov) started learning about diamonds at a young age through his cultural background and family influence. He spent years being mentored by the best diamond dealers and has been studying diamonds and the diamond market since 1998.