Determining the Value of a Diamond Ring

Determining the Value of a Diamond Ring

I received this diamond ring from a family member i was just trying to get some info on it value…if any one knows please contact me with answers thank you!! Ryan…

Hi Ryan,

That is a very pretty ring. Unfortunately without knowing the specs of the diamond or the mounting its hard to tell. I can take guesses, but your best bet is to take it to a reputable jeweler and have it evaluated and then you can determine the value of it based on the specs that the jeweler gives you. The jeweler may give you an estimate as well but its always best to take it to two places to see and make sure the first one was congruent to pricing and their evaluation.

If the diamond does not have a diamond grading report, you may want to get one from GIA as well depending on what you are looking to do in the future with this ring.

Author: Frank Fisher