Diamond Pricing for an Emerald Shape Diamond

Diamond Pricing for an Emerald Shape Diamond

Mr.can you give me on the following characteristics diamond say what is its value;

-shape emerald
-color G
-carat 1(0.20gr)
-clarity VVS1

I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina,I would appreciate it if you could tell me its value to the market,or the price you pay for such diamonds.


At the current market conditions if you are looking at standard retail rates you can simply search any website that sells diamonds and get your price. Right now it appears to be between $4,400 to $5,900.

If you go to .97 carat diamond you should be able to save some money as you would be in the lower price bracket.

If you are looking for a wholesale price list to get the whole sale pricing, please see our diamond price list

Author: Frank Fisher