Do table guidelines apply to everything? (Including earrings)

Do table guidelines apply to everything? (Including earrings)

I read your section regarding table size in relation to crown. My question is should the same principals be applied when buying studs? I am buying loose stones to match up as a pair. The two stones I am to look at are GIAxxx; however, I am concerned about the table size of one. Stones are:

.70 – HSI2
Table – 61%
Crown – 35 degrees
Pavilion – 41 degrees
Depth – 60.8

.74 – HSI2
Table – 56%
Crown – 34 degrees
Pavilion – 40.8 degrees
Depth – 60.9%

Is the table too large for the first stone? If so, is this a good match? If not, what should I search for?

Thank you!


Hi there!

When you get studs, you have much more flexibility since they will be worn on opposite sides of the face. (They normally will not be held side by side for comparison or next to one another like a necklace would be.)

What you really want to pay attention to is the diameter of the stones and get that to match up as close as you can. Of course the color and clarity should match fairly close, but in your case its identical. Other than that, you should be good to go. In your case the tables are fine and I would not worry about it.

Thanks for asking!


Author: Frank Fisher