Is the EGL worth it

Is the EGL worth it

Got a quote for a 1.20ct SI1 G (EGL), 18k gold $15,600, platinum $16,450. I have no idea if a EGL is worth it. I am happy with sI1 g but not sure about the egl part. I am assuming at that cost and colour and clarity it would be beautiful. It is coming from a reputable company and going in a tacori setting. Is this worth the money. Nerve racking

Hi Katie,

Is the EGL worth it to you? Well here is the thing – remember that you should compare apples to apples so GIA to GIA and EGL to EGL. If similar diamonds are comparable in price with EGL grading reports than it may be of a decent price. However, remember that a G in EGL grading report could be a H in GIA standards (as it is usually the more strict).

You have to also remember the key to symbols (diamond diagram) and see the flaws within the diamond and see if it looks clean. Finally remember to check out symmetry which is also key for great fire and brilliance.

And lastly remember that the shop will add in service fees – since that is what they get paid to do is to teach you, help educate you, and spend time with you. If they did that with you then don’t forget this is added into the price.

The main question comes down to is it worth it to you? If the diamond looks clean in person and it looks clean on paper and comparable to the other diamonds then you should be okay. It all comes down to trust from who you are buying it and the price you are spending that creates the nerves in us.

Author: Frank Fisher