My L Colored Diamond in a Platinum Setting?

My L Colored Diamond in a Platinum Setting?

I own a 1.18 carat diamond, clarity is an SI1, L color, round brilliant diamond ring. I strongly believe that the color grading isn’t correct. The hue of the diamond is too light in my opinion to be an L. Easily I would say that the hue of the stone falls either under a J or K . Currently, the diamond is set in a 6 prong white gold head while the rest of the diamond ring is set in 14 carat yellow gold . My dilemma now is wanting the whole setting be converted into platinum or white gold. By going this route , are there methods or ways on making the diamond appear white or even more white? Thanks

A few simple points regarding this:

#1 I highly recommend if you want to know the true grading, you need to dismount the diamond from the setting and have it re-graded at GIA.

#2 If it comes back lower than H in color grade – the platinum mounting that you are thinking of will make the diamond look more yellow. (it will appear more yellow to the eyes as the platinum setting will pop whitish in color and have much more contrast to the yellowish diamond).

Just a few notes to be aware of and things to watch for. If you don’t know the true color then its just a guessing game, so its important to know the true color first.

Thanks, Frank

Author: Frank Fisher