Question about antique / vintage earrings

Question about antique / vintage earrings

Hello, I recently found a pair of very old earrings in my grandmother’s cedar chest .. they appear to be diamonds. However, I am very puzzled as to why they continue to be seen in total darkness. That is, whenever I cup them inside my hands and sit in a darkened room I am still able to see the stones .. they continue to shine even in total darkness. Does this mean they are not diamonds? I tested them on a glass mirror and they leave a scratch on the glass. Thank you .. Judith S

The best thing to do is to take it to a reputable jeweler and get their opinion. You really cant do testing at home unless you have a trained eye and the necessary equipment. It can shine due to fluorescence – at this point you never know. Take it to a jeweler and get their opinion.

Thanks for asking

Author: Frank Fisher

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