Question about Diamond Fluorescence on Two Diamonds

Question about Diamond Fluorescence on Two Diamonds



I bought two diamonds and I am trying to determine which one offers better value and which one that I should return. I have read about strong blue fluorescence, but I am still trying to best understand how much strong blue should be discounted.

I paid $13,900 for a 1.76 round brilliant, I color, VS1, excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry. The GIA certificate states that the fluorescence is “strong blue”, but when I had it appraised, the appraiser said that it is only “moderate blue” in his opinion, not “strong”. The diamond appears clean to my naked eye and without any milkyness. Could moderate or even strong blue assist the color in an I Color diamond? My purchase price seems to be about 14% less than the Rapaport price. Do you think that adequately discounts the GIA’s opinion of “strong blue”?

I am comparing this diamond to another one that I bought for $16,500. This diamond is a 1.73 round brilliant, J color, VS1, VG cut, VG polish, good symmetry, thin-to-slightly-thick girdle and no fluorescence.

The two diamonds look similar, maybe even identical, to the naked eye. It seems like I should go with the lower-priced one in that case, but I am very curious to hear your thoughts about the two diamonds and the amounts that I paid for each.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.



This is where one must use Common Sense the 7th “C”.  Both the diamonds you purchased are for all purposes the same diamond.  By your statement “both diamonds look identical”.  Solution is simple buy the least expensive one.  However, fluorescence is best on lower color diamonds such as “I” and lower.



Author: Frank Fisher