When buying a pear shaped diamond whats better?

When buying a pear shaped diamond whats better?


I have seen 2 diamonds today that I was interested in. One is smaller but perfect and one is good but much larger. The 1st diamond is D color 1.04 Ct VS1 GIA for $5000.00 ( this is the ring I like best but is that a good price for ct weight and overall quality?) Second Diamond is a G color 1.48 Ct SI1 GIA with med. Blue florence for $6000.00 but it color did not have a haze to it aIl. I am so confused with pear shaped diamonds . Please help.


Hi Gloria,
If you watched my post on clarity here: http://findmyrock.com/2012/09/10/buying-tip-on-diamond-flaws-all-diamonds-flawed/ you will know that SI1 is still considered “eye-clean.” Meaning you can not see the flaws with the naked eye very distinctly.

With your first diamond you are basically getting a very clean-cut, everything properly in order kind of diamond. Most average people will not know the finite details though or would even be able to spot them. However, many people will be able to spot the size difference in the diamond (referring to the second diamond). It is quite a bit larger.

If you are surrounding yourself around diamond people who carry a 10x magnification loop then, then the first one may be better as its pristine (or better pristine quality). If you are surrounding yourself with average every day people that do not know much about diamonds (which most people are) then the second diamond may be better as size is very easy to spot for most people. When it comes to fluorescence do not stress it too much as long as the diamond does not have a haze, cloudy look, and is still clear.

As for your color ranges they are both at the top of the range so that’s good. Most people will have a hard time spotting the color difference between the two. Try it yourself and focus just on the color property and see if you can spot it with your naked eye. Then try the same with color. Size wise? you will probably be able to see though. Again it depends on what I mentioned to you above and who you are surrounding yourself with, and are you a person that likes super quality, or is a top 90% of the range is still good ?

Hope that’s helpful.



Author: Frank Fisher