Which Will Give More FIRE?!?!

Which Will Give More FIRE?!?!

Hello! To lead to my main question: is fire performance a matter of personal interpretation? I ask this because with store & video presentations, where the statement is made the diamond has great fire, I’m like mentally saying, “Really”. Which leads to which of the following diamond proportions will show more fire (love the rainbow colors):

Table – 56%
Crown Angle (degree) – 35 (15.5%)
Pavilion Angle (degree) – 41.2 (43.5%)
Depth – 62.3%
Star – 50%
Lower Star – 80%
Girdle Thickness – Thin to Medium (3.0%)
Culet – None
Polish & Symmetry – Excellent


Table – 55%
Crown Angle (degree) – 35 (15.5%)
Pavilion Angle (degree) – 40.8 (43.0%)
Depth – 62.6%
Star – 45%
Lower Star – 80%
Girdle Thickness – Medium – Slightly Thick (4.0%)
Culet – None
Polish – Good
Symmetry – Excellent


Answer: The fact is both diamonds are extremely close in proportions. If you had a huge difference in proportions of lets say table 66% and 56% then there would be something worth mentioning. At this point, someone probably showed you two stones and you are on the brink of making a decision.

What you need to do is evaluate the diamond in 5 different lighting conditions:

  1. Indirect
  2. direct
  3. incandescent bulb
  4. fluorescent bulb
  5. high-intensity bulbs (what most jewelry stores show you)

Then see what your eye tells you. So yes at this point its a matter of personal opinion. The fact is you can have two people standing and looking at it in the 5 lighting conditions, and then get two different opinions.

In addition, remember that the setting will have an influence on the brightness and fire as well.

Thanks for asking! Hope it was helpful!

– Frank



Author: Frank Fisher