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Our Wholesale Diamond Price Sheets
Allow You to Negotiate Prices at the Point-of-Sale.

Don’t Get Ripped Off on Your Diamond!

Get 3 Months of Up-To-Date Diamond Price Lists for only $14.95!

It can be very intimidating to walk into a jewelry store or shop the internet for diamonds when you don't know diamond market prices. Diamond prices shift frequently. For this reason diamond dealers and jewelers have access to price sheets that show up-to-date diamond prices and trends. Unfortunately the retail consumer has never had access to these price sheets until now!

The Find My Rock Diamond Price List is a carefully generated, current diamond price guide based on actual diamond inventories offered in the New York and International Diamond Wholesale Markets.  Diamond prices offered by diamond cutting houses and diamond dealers from New York, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Antwerp, Belgium, and Mumbai, India to their retail client outlets are included.  Prices are precisely recorded on a monthly basis and made available to you.

By having access to our FindMyRock Diamond Price List, you can be sure you don't over pay for your diamond. Our price list can be used as a negotiation tool at the point of sale which you can present at ANY TIME to have leverage during your diamond purchase.

What Exactly is the Diamond Price List?

Diamond pricing reports are generated in the diamond industry periodically. Diamond dealers and jewelers purchase access to these lists for over $700 per year!!! By having this valuable information, they are able to spot diamond trends, and see current diamond prices.

The retail consumer rarely has access to these price sheets. The price sheets are typically held behind closed doors to keep you uninformed! But now things have changed!

By having Find My Rock Diamond Price List you now know what diamonds are selling for in every diamond quality grade in wholesale markets.  All prices are based on diamonds having GIA Diamond Grading Reports which eliminates all of the guess work! Having a working knowledge of diamonds as presented in our book, “Round Diamond Buying Guide” puts you in a position to know exactly what the current prices for any diamonds are!

What You Get With Our Diamond Price List:

  • 3 Months access to current diamond price sheets
  • Price list for Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds from 0.50 ct. to 5.99 ct.
  • Price list for Fancy Shape Cut (non-round) Diamonds from 0.50 ct to 5.99 ct.
  • Educational video on how to use the price list properly
  • All this for less than $5.00/Month or the Price of a Starbucks Coffee
  • Get 3 Months access for just $14.95 for 3 Months!

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You will be billed $14.95 / every 3 months.
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