A Blast from the Past of 11 Amazing Diamond Ads

Here is a list of some diamond ads from the past that I decided to keep and archive. In here. I’m going to also go over a few little tips on what the marketing behind them is. The primary focus behind diamond advertising in these ads is image marketing. There is no direct marketing or response marketing meaning they are not trying to follow through on the sale or get a response from people. They’re primarily looking to bring exposure to their brand and image. Most of these ads have no impact on sales whatsoever, they are nearly there for positioning or branding in their prospects mind. Anyways here the ads in no particular order (and some free exposure for the companies which I am sure they won’t mind).

1. Cora Canary Ad

Simple yet effective. Simple tagline “heart-stopping” tagline, an excellent image with a colorful diamond and the company name.

2. Aschwartz.com

Another simple diamond ad. Focusing on spoiling yourself in a luxurious manner targeting consumer behavior. This is a comparison between diamonds and people and how the clients (which are the people) are more important. They are trying to promote their service

3. Daniel K

Known to be one of the top diamond designers, Daniel K always has questionable ads. Meaning the ads make you think and ask questions or are very simple. In this ad, he uses diamonds as letters or words within a sentence with a tagline of “we speak your language.” This ad seems to be geared at building trust saying “we understand you.”

4-5. Sandeep Diamond Corporation

This ad is focused on juxtaposing and comparing things. Sandeep diamond Corporation does this often in its ads. So I included two versions below.

6. Beta Diamonds

this ad showcases and tries the position and customers mind that they are different from the rest. A simple I’m just not sure if it’s very crisp and clear. Again focusing more on position and action.

7. Vecchio Inc

Very nice vintage feel spread. Done on vintage paper it really stands out from the crowd a little bit because it is a modern ad. Simple and to the point of what they do and a little picture for glamour.

8. Ydvash – Diamond Manufacturers and Exporters

This ad is more motivational and very much different from the rest. It focuses on encouraging you towards a certain goal. In this case, it would be an inspiration. Anytime you have a motivational ad, it makes it that much more exciting and compelling to take action making this at closer to a direct response ad than the rest of them.  However, it is still image-based and not a direct response.

9. Rahaminov

While this ad reminds me of Rachmaninoff (the pianist due to the spelling and ending), I love the simple movie type feel. You get a sense of a movie trailer. I did clip the bottom contact details only to save some space on the resolution

10. Isaac Davidowits LLC

Interesting concept regarding pills and needs. They combine the needs and the hell with diamonds. I’m not sure this is the best concept to go with, but I guess pain relief needs are as strong as anything else. It is a very creative nevertheless targeting pain relief and a need. The downside of the thing to learn from this is that people buy things they want more than the things they need.

11. Msuresh

A really cool concept based on the four C’s for the company. Instead of the diamond four c’s they target Conviction, consistency, competitiveness, and commitment to describe their company and bring it up in the minds of consumers. Cool concept I like it.

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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