Mindsets of a Master Stock Trader

Ready to learn the inner game of trading?

Most of the education people study is the “outer game.” The outer game is about learning strategies and techniques, but it doesn’t help you with the majority of problems many people have, which is the “inner game.”

The inner game of trading is about mastering your psychology, fear, thoughts, and emotions so that you can keep things in check. It is about learning how to manage yourself so that you can be a disciplined trader.

In this book, we focus on the inner game of trading to take you to a new level.

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What you will learn with Mindsets of a Master Stock Trader

  • How to properly trade when you are angry or sad and the best way to calm your emotions down
  • When to take a pause or break from trading and how it allows you to make more by avoiding huge losses
  • How to handle noise in the stock market and block it out by mastering your own environment
  • How to deal with mental overload and simplify your trading environment
  • Why knowledge is not enough when it comes to trading and how you can get wisdom
  • How to deal with trading boredom and what to do about it
  • and much more!

Most traders fail not because of strategy...

Most traders fail not because of their strategy, but because they don’t know how to manage themselves and their emotions.

They fail because they lack the inner game.

This book has concepts that make you think about your trading and opens up your mind to a new perspective. In the end, this will help you master the inner game and put you on the path to trading more profitably.


How is this book different from other books?

This book focuses on the inner game of trading wears many other books focus on the outer game of trading. In this book we focus on emotions, mindsets, and human behavior so that your brain operates critically and optimally.


Can I download this book to my computer or tablet?

If you get the PDF version through our website then you can keep it on your computer, tablet, or any other device you own. However, if you purchase it through Amazon, there may be limitations as it will be a kindle version. 


How much does the book cost?

During the promotion, this book is only $4.99 for the PDF or $6.95 for print on Amazon – less than a hot dog at a football game… 


How many pages is this book?

This book is 236 pages

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This book is packed with concepts that will help you master the inner game of trading.

Learn to understanding yourself, your emotions, psychology, and decision making process so that you can avoid the confusion, trade smarter, and stop letting emotions control your trades.

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