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Diamond Basics

Diamond Common Sense
The Difference Between Diamond Hardness vs Toughness

Defining gemstones as durable include two distinct traits, hardness and toughness. These terms are not the same and people are often confused between these two. …

Diamond Certificates
6 Common Myths about Diamond Grading Reports

#1 Misuse of the Term “Certificate” The purpose here is to understand exactly what a Diamond Grading Report accomplishes. Nowhere does GIA use the word “Certificate” because of the legal implications. In fact if you …

Diamond Carat Weight
Understanding Diamond Carat Weight: Background, Units of Measurement, and Pricing

Where did the term “Carat Weight” come from? Before the days of standardized weights, merchants had to rely on natural objects that were fairly common. Dried seeds were most favored for small weights, especially if …

Diamond Anatomy
How to Achieve Optimum Table Percentage % in Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

What is Table Percentage? Table Percentage % – Average table size relative to the average diameter, reported to the nearest whole percentage point (1%). Table size is measured from bezel to bezel point; the average of …

Diamond Clarity
Buying Tip on Diamond Flaws: All Diamond Are Flawed When You Look Closely!

Diamond Clarity System The GIA diamond clarity grading system came in to play to avoid any confusion used in the past by jewelers. Throughout history, jewelers were using terms such as “loupe clean” or other …

Diamond Cost
Avoid High Prices and Inferior Diamond Quality with these 6 Diamond Budgets

Why a Budget? Shopping for a diamond engagement ring without a budget is like going into a jungle without a map or personal protection. You are exposed to hundreds of choices: Diamond:quality, shape, size Ring: …

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!