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Engagement Rings

Selecting a Metal
Platinum and Diamonds – The Perfect Marriage

There are many different types of jewelry to choose from these days, whether you are investing in a treat for yourself or buying jewelry for …

Intro to Engagement Rings
How to Shop for a Diamond with Your Sweetheart

A woman will wear her engagement ring forever. That can be stressful for a man; he wants something she’ll adore, something that she’ll be happy to show off for the rest of her life. This …

Selecting a Metal
Different types of metal mountings you can get for a diamond ring

When buying a ring, the diamond is the star. But every star needs support, and the metal mounting plays this important role in the overall appearance and quality of the ring. There are four primary …

Choosing a Style
Making a Strong Proposal with Vintage Engagement Rings

Are you planning to confess your love to your beloved person in a unique style? If you are, then you may want to go for vintage style engagement rings. It is really a matter of …

Intro to Engagement Rings
Proposing with a Diamond During the Engagement Seasons

Engagement Season is between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day because it gives many opportunities to propose. Over 35% of engagements happen during this time. A few critical dates in which proposals can happen during engagement season: …

Selecting a Metal
Why You Should Avoid Placing Yellow Diamonds in White Mountings

White Gold, Platinum Mountings and Rhodium Plating White Gold and Platinum Mountings are white in appearance. To achieve the ultimate look using these metals, the jewelry manufacturer will plate the final product with rhodium. This …

Selecting a Metal
In-Depth Look in Platinum in Jewelry, Platinum Purity, and Pricing!

Platinum History Platinum has been used for over 3000 years as a decorative accent. It has only become a metal of interest in the 18th century as platinum presented a tough challenge to scientists attempting …

Selecting a Metal
How to Understand Karat Gold Purity

The purity of gold is measured in karats (“k” or “kt”). The number of karats represents the purity of the gold in a specific item. For example a 24 karat gold item will be the …

Intro to Engagement Rings
The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

The purpose of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands are to signify a partnership agreement between two people conveying: Love, Commitment, Trust, Fidelity, Honor and Time without End between the giver and the recipient.  A ring …

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!