27 Reasons to Insists on a Diamond Grading Report

27 Reasons to Insists on a Diamond Grading Report

There are more ways to misrepresent a diamond’s quality then there are letters in the alphabet. If you hate your money, be a hero and buy a diamond without an Independent Diamond Grading Report. Listed are a small offering of Diamond Industry Scams:

  1. Misrepresenting Synthetic as Natural – Fraud
  2. Heating and Radiation Treatments – Man altered quality grade
  3. Misrepresenting Diamond Color – Everyone has an opinion
  4. Misrepresenting Diamond Weight – Fraud
  5. Misrepresenting Diamond Cutting Quality – Everyone has an opinion
  6. Misrepresenting Clarity Grading – Everyone has an opinion
  7. Damage to Diamond hidden by setting – Hiding damaged diamond
  8. Artificial Color Enhancement – Hiding diamond’s actual color
  9. Altering Diamond Grading Reports – Fraud
  10. Counterfeit Diamond Grading Reports – Fraud
  11. Switching stone described on Diamond Grading Report – Fraud Not same stone
  12. Flamboyant Advertising – If it seems too good it and does not make sense
  13. Fictitious Discounts from Retail Pricing – Pick a Price
  14. Bait and Switch – Advertise one quality deliver lower quality
  15. Fracture Filled Diamonds – Diamonds filled with plastic injection to hide flaws
  16. Diamond set in Closed Mounting– Mounting allows hiding of poor quality diamond
  17. Return Privileges – Return item credited only toward merchandise not cash refund
  18. Fifty Percent (50% off sale) – Mark it up 400% sale price 50% off = 100% sale mark up
  19. Fraction Scam – Under carat .49 carat weight as a ½ Carat sale this is a legal practice in the US in mass market stores.
  20. Faulty Appraisal post sale – The Sandbagger – Appraiser knocks Diamond Quality Conflict of Interest – Appraiser has a Friend
  21. Laser Drilled Diamonds – Removes carbon spots leaves hole in diamond
  22. Doublets – Form of Altered Diamond
  23. Chemical Color Coatings – Coating give False Color Grade
  24. Removable Laser Inscription – Form of Switching Diamonds
  25. Artificial Light Sources at Point-of-Sale – Light Source which gives wrong values
  26. In-house appraisals – Conflict of Interest
  27. Caribbean Cruise Duty Free Diamond Purchases – Jewelry comes from Caribbean Really?

We have a fine list of diamond scams presented. I could produce a 300+ word report for each of the diamond scams however the purpose is to demonstrate the value of a Diamond Grading Report. By following the simple rules of the road, “Stay in the Middle of The Road,” and the KISS method, “Keep It Simple Stupid,” we really do not need to spend precious time on the various types of diamond scams and how they are perpetuated. Of course having a Diamond Grading Report for your diamond will not counter all of the above diamond scams. Just the fact that you are now in command of the Diamond FACTS and proactive in the decision making process, will improve your chances by 1,000% not be placed at a disadvantage during the purchasing process.

Author: Frank Fisher

Frank Fisher (Sasha Evdakov) started learning about diamonds at a young age through his cultural background and family influence. He spent years being mentored by the best diamond dealers and has been studying diamonds and the diamond market since 1998.