Psychology of Buying a Diamond from the Men’s and Women’s Point of View

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend… But do we know why? What is it that women love about diamonds? And what are men thinking when they have to pick one out for their girlfriends?

For a man, picking out a diamond can be a terrifying experience. He knows (or hopes) that his partner will be wearing it for the rest of her life, and he doesn’t want to mess it up. On the other hand, the whole process can be scary for a woman, too; she doesn’t want to be stuck with a ring that doesn’t suit her taste – and she doesn’t want to hurt her future husband’s feelings by telling him she doesn’t like it.

A Mans Diamond Mindset

A man who is about to propose wants to do one thing: make his girlfriend happy. And of course, he knows the ring is a huge part of that. He knows she’s probably been dreaming about the moment he’ll put that ring on her finger for months, even years, and an “ugly” ring isn’t exactly a part of that fantasy. The whole experience is so stressful for a man because he doesn’t want to disappoint the woman he loves.

But oftentimes, a man won’t do what he needs to make sure everyone is happy: just ask. He has too much pride, he wants to prove he can do it on his own. He also wants the proposal to be a surprise and asking for a printout of her ring specifications kind of kills the romance.

A Woman’s Diamond Mindset

For a girl, this period is all about the excitement. Most women aren’t too, too picky about the quality grades, and don’t really care if the diamond is certified. They care about what they can see; they probably don’t want it to be visibly yellow or have black spots, but aren’t too concerned if it isn’t “colorless.” She wants it to look big, she wants it to sparkle, and she wants it in the right shape. Basically: she wants to be able to show it off to everyone she knows.

She also wants to tell her man what she likes in a diamond. She wants to go window shopping, she wants to point out her favorite designs. But she’s afraid it might make her seem presumptuous, too bold, or even greedy.


The problem we have here is that the methods men and women have do not work well together. Men want to make their girlfriends happy– but their pride is keeping them from asking for specifics. Women want to help their boyfriends out and get a ring they love – but they’re afraid of coming off too presumptuous.

As long as each gender is in on the game, these are problems easily solved. Girls, drop hints! And boys: pay attention! A woman doesn’t have to drag her boyfriend into the store, but she can casually mention that she prefers princess-cut stones. And, it’s her boyfriend’s job to remember every hint, every specification. If the opportunity arises, he should also ask questions to find out her favorite metal or design. Just remember: he wants to know, and she wants to tell him.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!