Laser drilled diamond

Laser drilled diamond

My husband and I bought a diamond ring with a 4.01 cushion cut laser drilled diamond in the center of H color and SI3 clarity that has a medium fluorescence and a good cut. The 2 trilliant diamonds on the sides are 1.09 in total carat weight and I-J in color and SI3 in clarity. It is set in 18 carat white gold. We paid over $35,000 for the whole ring. Can you please tell me if we WAY overpaid? We were told the laser drilling was taken into account with the pricing and the laser drilling actually does not affect the price by much. They told us this was a great deal. Is this true and if not, what would a fair price for the ring be? Thank you so much as we are still in the 30 day satisfaction period.

I hope im not being to blunt, but i think this is why you contacted me. First off understand that laser driller diamond is an altered diamond. It can never really be better than an Imperfect 1 (I in clarity). I would always AVOID laser or man altered stones at any cost. When it is altered, color enhanced, I would stay away. Not to mention it makes it difficult to resell.

The second issue here is its a 4.01 in carat weight. When you go above the 4.00 carat size you are in a higher price bracket according to the wholesale rates. (You can see our wholesale rates on  this link.)  In either case diamonds are based on price brackets and what if your diamond needs to be repolished or buffed because you hit a door knob? This may take it down to a 3.99 carat stone and now you are reducing the value of your stone immediately by a large percentage. You always want to buy a little extra room for error such as a 4.05 or buy a 3.95 to save money and be in the lower price bracket.

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Price wise, the market will change and pricing can change depending on the value you are receiving from the store (as if they give you more service and a variety of selection they may make a higher markup for their profits).

However as far as keeping the stone – I would never keep or take a laser drilled diamond since it is altered. I would personally take it back.

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Author: Frank Fisher