How to Choose the Right Diamond Engagement Ring Setting and Style

When the time comes to ask that special someone if she will spend the rest of her life with you, offering the perfect engagement ring as a promise of your commitment is one of life’s most significant events. There are a few important considerations one needs to be aware of when searching, choosing and purchasing the ring.  Due to the various designs, styles, settings, and sizes, your search for the right ring may be very difficult and time-consuming.  Most women have a very specific idea of what their ring would look like.  When mixing and matching settings and styles, the options are endless however one shouldn’t become discouraged.  Educating yourself first is key and a lot of information is made available online thus researching has become slighting easier.  Let’s have a look at which setting styles are offered.

Detailed Look: Setting Styles

Solitaire settings are defined by their single, solitary centerpiece stone.  While the most popular solitaire ring is the solitaire diamond engagement ring, these rings can also showcase precious gems, such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The simplicity of a solitaire setting is one of its most enchanting features, making it easy to pair with other pieces of jewelry.  A classic, the solitaire setting matches well with any outfit, creating a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

The Three Stone setting represents the past, present, and future.  For this reason, a three-stone diamond ring can make a perfect gift for any milestone event.  Classic in design and timelessly elegant, the setting can range from contemporary and chic to vintage and antique.  Depending on the diamond you choose, the kind of metal used in the setting and the style of the diamond mounting, a three-stone diamond ring will change dramatically in character. For example, engagement rings and wedding rings which feature three diamonds of the same size and cut have a different effect than rings featuring a large centerpiece diamond accented by two smaller diamonds of a different cut.

Sidestone enhancements surrounding the centerpiece diamond highlight its beauty and show it off perfectly.  Diamond engagement rings complete with side stones that serve to enhance the brilliance of the center stone have become a contemporary favorite among the wide variety of ring settings.

Vintage settings are inspired by designs from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century Retro Moderne, and Contemporary periods often featuring intricate milgrain detailing, etching and filigree design.  The stone shape plays an important role in achieving that antique look.   Most vintage settings include the cushion cut, radiant cut, Asscher cut, bezel set round cut.

Pavé ring settings are created by using a special technique to embed very small diamonds in the band and/or mounting of the engagement ring.  The small accent diamonds are set into tiny impressions stamped into the precious metal.  The diamonds are then secured by small metal pins or metal beads which hold them in place.  This technique creates the effect that the ring is literally “paved” or coated with diamonds. Mix and match your setting with different diamonds of varying diamond cuts to find the most striking design creation.

Wedding sets are available in the entire spectrum. While some sets are comprised of classic rings that are clean, geometric and modern, others include ornate, decorative and unique rings.  There is a wedding set out there to suit every woman’s personal taste, be it modest and conservative or chic and extravagant.  It offers the woman an option to wear her engagement and wedding ring stacked on the same finger to appear as one beautiful ring.  Wedding sets sometimes feature curved rings that are specially fashioned to sit comfortably beneath the diamond ring when placed on the finger ensuring the two rings match perfectly in design, shape, and fit.

Detailed Look: Stone Settings

Prong-style settings can be used for any stone cut, ranging from three to six claws, which are molded to the stone keeping it in place. This setting allows the most amount of light to hit the stone for a brilliant shine.

Channel settings feature a row of stones across the face of the ring. These stones are of the same size and don’t have any need for metal separating them giving the ring extra sparkle and light.

Bezel settings completely surround the stone offering it the most protection.  Because the setting is considered a shallow setting, this allows one to purchase a lower carat stone that will look larger because of its shallow cut.

Which setting to choose?

An engagement ring can feature any combination of stone size, cut and set to fit any woman.  When choosing the right setting a few factors need to be taken into consideration.  The ring you choose will be theoretically worn every day so it’s important to think about how practical it will be for daily wear and tear.  If the woman in your life is very active choosing a prong-style setting might catch, snag or interfere with her daily activities.

Look at her hands to determine which style flatters her.  A woman who has large hands will benefit from a larger sized ring.  Smaller hands, however, will look more proportional with a ring set in a smaller setting.  Vertical designs, such as the oval, marquise or pear, will give hands a longer and more slender look.  But be careful, taking those vertical designs and setting them horizontally will add width to them.

Her overall fashion or style is the best indicator of what to choose.  A woman who likes classic sleek lines is going to love the Solitaire setting.  But if one stone isn’t enough to quench her thirst for sparkles then adding a stone to each side, aka the Three Stone setting should definitely be considered.  There is a multitude of combinations that can be mixed and matched to create a wide spectrum of different looks.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!