Why You Should Avoid Placing Yellow Diamonds in White Mountings

White Gold, Platinum Mountings and Rhodium Plating

  • White Gold and Platinum Mountings are white in appearance. To achieve the ultimate look using these metals, the jewelry manufacturer will plate the final product with rhodium. This enhances the appearance on the final product as white gold and platinum tend to be a tad dull in appearance.
  • Rhodium is Hypoallergenic.  White gold generally employes nickel to provide whiteness and metal strength, however many people are allergic to nickel and develop adverse finger rash to white gold. By plating your jewelry with rhodium the nickel is encased solving the allergic reaction problem while creating a much whiter product!
  • Rhodium is the most tarnish resistant member of the platinum group and will remain bright and shinny under most environmental conditions.
  • Rhodium can be re-applied to make your jewelry look brand new.

White Mountings and Yellow Diamonds

While everyone wants the whitest diamond they can afford, choosing a white gold or platinum mounting can present a problem. “I” color diamonds are the lowest color diamond  recommended to place in a white gold or platinum mounting. The reason is the whiteness of the mounting will make your diamond look yellow at “I – J” diamond color.  Choosing a diamond having “I” color with medium to strong blue fluorescence tends to make the diamond look whiter than it actually is helping to close the color gap between the diamond color and the mounting color.

White Mountings and Fancy Natural Color Diamonds

White gold or platinum mountings are highly desirable when the contrast in color between the diamond and the mounting is required to add a pop in color to the final product. In the case of natural fancy color diamonds: Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Green white color mountings help make the diamond color look more intense. Some cases call for a yellow gold head on a white gold shank to make the fancy yellow diamond look deeper yellow in color.

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!