16 Elegant Diamond Engagement Rings Captured by Marissa Moss

The following eye-candy photos are from Marissa Moss. Marissa is a wonderful wedding photographer from the Tampa area. I got a chance to ask her a few questions and here was her replies about taking photos of the beautiful rings:What do you enjoy most about capturing engagement rings?

it’s a photograph that i have full control over. when photographing people (which i also love!) the image is such a collaboration. i need them to position themselves in a certain way, i need to interact to get the emotions i want, i need them to engage with the camera or with each other, etc…. but with a ring, it’s an object, so i have the full control of how the photograph will look. it’s a picture that i produce entirely on my own and that’s fun. plus, often times the couple isn’t nearby (or even in the same room) as i take these detail shots, so i like that’s it’s a total surprise for them when they see the images.Whats the biggest struggle about taking a good ring photo?

finding the right light that will let the diamond shine while still showing the sparkle and reflected colors in the stone. and also, getting the focus just right. the camera often wants to focus on the facets within the diamond. to prevent this, it’s helpful to put the focus point on one of the claws holding the stone, rather than on the diamond itself.Is there any specific equipment you like to use to take the ring shots?

95% of the time i’m using a 60mm macro lens for jewelry shots.Do brides or grooms get nervous when your in control of the ring?

haha! good question! i don’t think so… i think i’m the one that’s more nervous. i usually put it on my own finger and make a fist (so it can’t fall off), go photograph it, and then bring it right back so i can’t forget that i have it. my biggest fear is dropping it down a sewer grate or watching it roll off of a hotel balcony! i think i image the worst so i can then make sure that the worst never happens!

Visit her website at http://marissa-moss.com

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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