Awesome Tacori Diamond Engagement Rings with Twists, Bends, and Curves!

Tacori is a company that focuses on creating engagement rings that are of “designer” quality. They are handcrafted in California. Some of their ring collections are breath-taking and I decided to share with you a few rings that have some interesting twists, curves and bends from Tacori.

Tacori Twist Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

I like this ring from its elegance, to its pizzazz! It is from their Contemporary Crescent Silhouette Collection. This ring has a round brilliant cut center diamond and pave-set diamonds along the criss-cross band.
Current Estimated Cost: $2,800 with a 2.00ct. round brilliant cut.

Tacori Criss-Cross Channel-Set & Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Another one from the Contemporary Crescent Silhouette Collection includes a criss-cross design and filled with round channel-set diamonds, accented with round pave-set diamonds.
Current Estimated Cost: $3,800 with a 1.25ct round brilliant cut

Tacori Halo Twist Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has some very fascinating curves!  It includes an infinity criss-cross of the shank and decorative sides. Made of platinum this ring really pops the center stone!
Current Estimated Cost: $2,500 for a 1.00ct round brilliant cut.

Tacori Pave Ribbon Diamond Engagement Ring

This Tacori ring has an intricate ribbon twisting pattern that goes about half way down almost as a snowfall of diamonds cover the ring.
Current Estimated Cost: $4,050 with a 1.25ct round brilliant cut

Tacori RoyalT Platinum Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

For the one who loves twists and curves, this ribbon twist “RoyalT” style ring is calling your name. Pave diamond details scintillate along the intricate details of this setting, including the gallery underneath the center stone.
Current Estimated Cost: $10,000 with a 3.00ct. round brilliant cut

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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