Top 20 Fancy Diamond and Anniversary Rings at 25Karats

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FR25441 – 0.3 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

This ring has a total of 6 diamonds all Round Brilliant Cut SI1 – and a mix of G and H color.
White Gold Cost: $735 : Platinum Cost: $1,570

FR2515 – 0.50 ct. Diamond Journey Fancy Ring

This Round prong setting has a gradual increase of 7 diamonds for a total of 0.50 ct. The wider top at 16.8mm makes it appear nice and large showing some status.
White Gold Cost: $1,420 : Platinum Cost: $2,900

FR2514 – 2.96 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

This intertwined diamond ring features 37 Round Diamonds for a total carat weight of 2.96 (.08 ct per diamond). A great looking ring setup.
White Gold Cost: $5,100 : Platinum Cost: $7,100

FR2510 – 0.72 ct. Two Head Diamond Fancy Ring

This two-headed prong set diamond ring is a very fascinating ring. with 30 total diamonds (28 inner and 1 for each head) this ring really stands out. It reminds me of a two-headed dragon. I’m a little concerned the two heads could be prone to hitting, breaking, or damage, but other than that it looks great.
White Gold Cost: $1,610 : Platinum Cost: $2,800

FR2501 – 0.31 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

Set in a tension setting with ascending diamond carat weight, this visual appealing diamond ring has a simple, but luxurious look that won’t break the bank.
White Gold Cost: $670 : Platinum Cost: $1,270

FR2484 – 0.62 ct. Round Cut Channel Set Diamond Fancy Ring

This ring has a beautiful channel set diamonds. With 31 Round Diamonds totaling .62 ct weight, this ring makes a stunning impression.
White Gold Cost: $1,470 : Platinum Cost: $2,900

FR-1683 – 0.70 ct. Round Cut Diamond Fancy Ring

This two stone round diamond ring has a unique pattern from the top. It is intertwined in figure eight, yin-yang, or bonding design. There is a lot of great symbolism here and it caught my eye.
White Gold Cost: $2,210 : Platinum Cost: $3,200

WB1676 – 0.33 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

I really love the floral pattern of this ring. It features 11 Round Diamonds that total of 0.33 ct in weight.
White Gold Cost: $960 : Platinum Cost: $2,150

FR-1668 – 0.34 ct. Diamond Fancy Ring

This exquisite diamond ring includes 7 Round Cut diamonds totaling 0.335 ct. A fantastic ring for mothers day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.
White Gold Cost: $850 : Platinum Cost: $1,720

FR-1669 – 0.30 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

This ring has 3 Round Diamonds set in a tension setting. Only .10 ct per diamond, its wide setting makes it appear bigger than it really is helping it make a statement.
White Gold Cost: $1,210 : Platinum Cost: $2,900

FR-1667 – 0.20 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

Not a very expensive diamond ring, have this simple design makes it very attractive to the eyes. Set with 2 Round Cut Diamonds, its simple taste shows elegance.
White Gold Cost: $735 : Platinum Cost: $1,680

WB2018 – 1.85 ct. Round and Princess-Cut Prong Set Diamond Fashion Ring

This ring is set with 5 princess cut diamonds and 50 round-cut diamonds. With over 55 diamonds this is a sensational looking ring!
White Gold Cost: $4,400 : Platinum Cost: $5,790

FR3126 – 2.25 ct. Round Cut Diamond Fancy Ring

A nice wide tangle design ring at 14.4mm fused with 25 Round Diamonds of .09ct each. I love the elegance of this entanglement.
White Gold Cost: $4,435 : Platinum Cost: $7,300

FR25441 – 0.3 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

This ring has a total of 6 diamonds all Round Brilliant Cut SI1 – and a mix of G and H color.
White Gold Cost: $735 : Platinum Cost: $1,570

FR2536 – 1.2 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

20.2mm wide and 60 Round Diamonds, this ring is packed with awesomeness!
White Gold Cost: $2,670 : Platinum Cost: $5,100

FR2543 – 0.7 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

A mix of Round Diamonds and Marquise Diamonds. 6 Marquise at 0.09 ct each and 4 Rounds at 0.04 ct each, this diamond ring has a unique look giving it diamond contrast between the two cuts.
White Gold Cost: $1,920 : Platinum Cost: $3,150

FR2535 – 0.63 CT Diamond Fancy Ring

This ring has 5 center diamonds that are 0.03 ct each and 32 round diamonds surrounding them on both sides at 0.015 ct each for a total of 37 diamonds.
White Gold Cost: $1,520 : Platinum Cost: $2,980

FR2533 – 0.10 ct. Diamond Fancy Ring

Setup with 4 primary diamonds of 0.025ct each. A bit small for my taste, but it has a unique design and the total ring price is not that expensive making it still attractive in other ways.
White Gold Cost: $570 : Platinum Cost: $1,490

FR2529 – 0.87 ct. Round Cut Diamond Fancy Ring

This Pave setting has a nice wide top featuring 29 diamonds. This string of diamonds makes the ring glisten and sparkle from each angle.
White Gold Cost: $2,200 : Platinum Cost: $4,700

WB2525 – 1.69 tcw Ladies Statement Diamond Wedding Band

A very nice channel setting wedding band. With 4 great Princess Cut diamonds for the center and 3 Rounds, they are surrounded by 28 small Round diamonds to enclose the center stones for a total of 35 diamonds and 1.69 ct.

White Gold Cost: $3,100 : Platinum Cost: $4,690

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!