30 Key Diamond Grading, Jeweler, and Ring Setting Questions to Ask

Often times in an industry we know every little about, we have no starting point or reference point of what questions to ask or where to begin. Before you make a diamond purchase here are some important questions you should consider asking.

10 Key Diamond Grading Questions

  1. May I see The Diamond Grading Report for this diamond?
  2. The Diamond we are looking at is a “G” color. Can I see a diamond next to it that has an “F” Color or “H” color so I can see the difference? Make sure both diamonds have Diamond Grading Reports!
  3. Can we view the diamonds on a white paper so we can properly judge for color?
  4. What are the cutting Percentages Table, Depth Ect?
  5. Are the percentages within the acceptable ranges?
  6. What does the girdle look like? Is it Polished?
  7. What is the Cut Grade?
  8. What is the Polish Grade?
  9. What is Symmetry Grade?
  10. What is the Clarity Grade?

10 Key Ring Setting Questions

  1. Do you recommend 4 prongs or more prongs?
  2. White gold or yellow gold mounting or platinum and why?
  3. Should engagement ring have side diamonds?
  4. If so, what quality should the side diamond be?
  5. Do you have pictures of mountings as I do not see anything in your inventory I like?
  6. Do you carry a designer line?
  7. How do you size a ring?
  8. How long does it take to complete the ring once the diamond and mounting are selected?
  9. What is your guarantee on the mounting workmanship?
  10. Where is the manufacturing process completed?

10 Key Jeweler Questions

  1. Which Diamond Grading Laboratory do you prefer?
  2. What shape diamond do you recommend?
  3. What is your opinion on Fluorescence?
  4. What size diamond do you recommend knowing my budget?
  5. Why should I do business with you?
  6. What is your trade-in policy?
  7. What industry associations do you belong to?
  8. Are you a Graduate Gemologist (GG)?
  9. Do you buy directly dealing with the diamond cutters?
  10. Are your diamonds compliant with the Kimberly Process?

Final Thoughts:

This is just a baseline to start with when discussing and purchasing a diamond or an engagement ring. I give many more questions in my book – The Round Diamond Buying Guide. If you have additional questions to share or contribute, feel free to comment below!

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!