Finding the Right Engagement Ring: Ninja Style

Scenario: You are in love with your girlfriend. You want to propose to her because you want to marry her. You decided to buy her an engagement ring, but you want to surprise her and don’t know what she likes. You need to get as much intelligence as you possibly can so you can get your girl the ring of her dreams.
So, how do you find out without asking her? We found some great ways to do it covertly, before you surprise your girlfriend. There is no such thing as too much intelligence to make your decision and this cannot be stressed enough.

Study your girlfriend’s fashion

The first thing you need to do is analyze your girlfriend’s style. Does she have a professional job? Does she like flashy clothing? Does she like elegant things? Does she spend a lot of time on the way she looks? Look at her clothes. The things she wears can tell you a lot about her.

For instance, if she is a professional woman and doesn’t do much physical work you might get her a larger ring because it will not hinder her at her job. This would also be a great idea if she likes to stand out with flashy clothing and accessories.

You can also get lot of information from her current rings that she owns. You can see what kind of metal they are. If she has an abundance of golden colored rings, think about getting her a gold ring. If she enjoys wearing rings that are simple bands with one stone, think about getting her the same style.

Also, think about the functionality of the ring. How will it be used? If she works with her hands, get a ring that will not get in the way of her work.

Talk to her loved ones

This includes talking to friends as well as family members. The catch with this is that you have to be in good standing with them. Use your power of influence to find out key tidbits about your girl’s future ring. Also, if her friends and family like a certain style, she will be very happy to show them when she gets her ring.

With this approach, you must be very covert. Act like the questions you ask her loved ones don’t mean anything.

A good rule of thumb is to lead into what you want to find out. Don’t ask them about rings right off the bat. Ask about fashion first, then maybe about accessories and then merge into talking about rings. Her sisters or girlfriends are very good sources for you because you can bet they have some influence over some decisions your girl makes.

Check out her online presence.

If she uses Facebook and Pinterest you can use them to your advantage. See if she has “liked” or “pinned” anything on fashion and if she has posted rings that she likes, and then you have hit the jackpot! Just make sure that the rings she has posted are fitting for an engagement ring. The worst thing you can do is buy a cheap engagement ring. In many cultures, engagement and wedding rings are symbols of how much you care about your girl. In any case, you will have a better idea for ring styles by looking at her online presence.

Go Shopping.

This is a powerful way to find out what your girl enjoys in jewelry. You can ask her about rings that you see on other women’s hands. You can see what draws her eye when you are in the jewelry section. It is very easy to get away with being in the jewelry section because you can say that you just wanted to check out some cologne for yourself and maybe merge into the women’s section and check out perfumes and on the way you can check out the jewelry counter. It is all about hiding your true motives.

Final Wrap Up

Finding the right ring can be a drawn out process but it will all be worth it in the end. She will be happy to have a ring that she enjoys, and the ring may influence her decision when you pop the questions. You never know. They say that it is the thought that counts, and if you do this you will have put a great deal of thought into your selection for her.

This article was contributed by Gabriel Nelson.

Gabriel Nelson occasionally writes for blogs on whatever he feels passionate about. He loves to read, write, play video games, and watch movies. If you have inquiries on diamond rings you can go to to check out some ring styles and learn more about selecting diamond jewelry.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!