March 2013 – Diamond Wholesale Price List Available!

March 2013 – Diamond Wholesale Price List Available!

March 2013 Price List is Live and Ready!

We noticed that the trend for diamond prices have slightly declined over the last month and we expect a slight but not any drastic movement in prices to the downside. We have now moved out of the engagement season which happens from Thanksgiving to Valentines day and therefore we expect the demand for diamonds to be slightly lower than the previous few months.

Few Notes About the Diamond Price List:

The Diamond Price List allows you to compare current wholesale levels before you purchase your diamond. Typically our Diamond Price List will be anywhere between 10% and 40% below retail levels. You can use the price list to compare the markup rates on various diamonds from different retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal on your diamond.

Find My Rock Diamond Price List is offered on 2 levels.

  • Prices on all diamond qualities and shapes weighing .99 carats and below are free! Click here to get it!
  • Prices on all diamond qualities and shapes 1.00 carats and up are available our “Premium all Inclusive Price Guide” is available for $14.95 for 3 month access. This level of access is available at a fraction of the price of current wholesale price lists.

Real Time Price Information

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What the Price List Does and How To Use It

Author: Frank Fisher

Frank Fisher (Sasha Evdakov) started learning about diamonds at a young age through his cultural background and family influence. He spent years being mentored by the best diamond dealers and has been studying diamonds and the diamond market since 1998.