4 Great Resources for the Diamond Dealer and Seller

Here are four great resources for you if you are in the diamond business. I have put together a list of a few excellent tools that really can help you in the diamond business.

IDEX Online

Most people have not even heard of IDEX. They typically only hear of the big guy Rapaport. Although Rapaport is bigger, don’t underestimate IDEX. They still have a great resource for diamond dealers filled with a diamond exchange, price sheets, diamond news, a magazine, and a really helpful community something that Rapaport does not have. The magazine that they have is online fully free making it that much more compelling. They even have a Russian magazine too! Check out their website at http://www.idexonline.com


Aweber is probably my most favorite e-mail marketing component of almost any business. AWeber makes it easy to create newsletters, customer mailing list, and really allows you to build a list of people you can actually market to. You can also send value to your customers that are on your mailing list consistently until they are ready to purchase. Many people instead just have a website and don’t create any value for the customer and then expect the customer to make a $2,000 or $5,000 purchase nearly blinded without the trust.

With a newsletter or something similar, you can continuously add value to a large group of people fairly quickly and easily without actually spending too much individual time with each client. AWeber makes it easy to solve this problem. http://www.aweber.com/

* As a disclosure – I did put my affiliate link in there so if you sign up Findmyrock will receive credit – however I would only be recommending it if I truly believed in the service. You can visit their site directly without giving me credit by just typing the URL in your browser *

Google Analytics

One of the most underutilized tools from what I have seen is Google Analytics. Although I know most of the web designer community has adopted it, there are still diamond dealers and diamond websites that have not taken full advantage of Google analytics. Analytics shows you powerful statistics about who searched your website, how they found it, how long they’ve been on your website, and much more. It’s very simple to set up. All you have to do is copy and paste some code into your website and that is it. http://www.google.com/analytics/


Okay, I saved the best for last. Quantcast is a great website to see a report of your websites visitor demographics. It will not be as accurate as far as statistics go regarding website hits and traffic ( that is what Google analytics is all about), however, it will break down your customer range based on income, gender, age bracket, family type, education, and much more. You can do your research on your own website or on your competitors which is very helpful for research. Check it out at http://www.quantcast.com


Of course, there are many other tools and resources and a few that are very popular, but I decided to go with a few that were underutilized. Take a look at the websites and if you have any other good resourceful websites that can be helpful to diamond dealers and sellers, jewelry related experts, and store owners feel free to share them.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!

learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!