The Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut by Finesse of New York

The Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut is proprietary or patented diamond cut registered in the U.S. Trademark Office owned by Finesse Diamonds of New York. The patented brand name is 88cut and the description is 88-facet octagonal, also referenced as “the 88 cuts, 2004” and “the Eighty-Eight.” The patented 8-sided cut is featured in many Diamond International boutiques.

The flagship diamond of Finesse Diamonds, Eighty-Eight is the product of many years of precise engineering development and facet placement for the diamond’s natural brilliance optimization. The Eighty-Eight lives up to its brand name with 88 facets and 8 sides, embracing a tradition going back over a thousand years that recognizes the number 8 as a symbol of luck.


The combination of legend, tradition, and brilliance makes the Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut a truly coveted possession. The diamond is available as a loose stone or in combination with an excellent collection of micro-pave jewelry through authorized Finesse resellers worldwide.

Diamond Anatomy of the Eighty-Eight

The Eighty-Eight’s 8 sides and 88 facets have been designed for sparkle, brilliance and light optimization. The crown main facets of the 88-cut is a unique feature that produces gorgeous scintillation due to the extra faceting of the pavilion. There are more than 30 facets added to the Eighty-Eight compared to the traditional round cut’s 58 facets. The result is Eighty-Eight’s mesmerizing effect.  There is no need for special light to show off this cut’s fire and brilliance.

Finesse Diamonds exclusively markets the Eighty-Eight to its licensed retailers. Aside from loose diamonds, the Eighty-Eight Diamond Cut is featured in many other jewelry items such as bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings.  Diamond enthusiasts that desire alternatives to the regular round and princess favorites will find the Eighty-Eight an outstanding option for its unique octagonal shape and exceptional brilliance.

Inscription and Grading Reports

Larger Eighty-Eight diamonds are sold with a laser inscription of the intertwined 88 logo and grading reports from GIA, IGI, or EGL according to the particular market. The smaller stones allow setting flexibility since the eight equal sides will easily fit four-prong mountings. The eight-sided outline will also look fabulous when accentuated in bezel style mountings. The jewelry line of the 88-cut include the classic engagement ring, anniversary ring and the popular three-stone settings.

The Eighty-Eight cut has been selling well, particularly in the Asian World and China where the number 8 is equivalent to good fortune. Finesse representatives said that the good sales performance of the product is because of people’s belief in luck associated with the number 8.  The diamond is sold in various sizes from 0.25 carats to more than 5 carats. The color range is from D to K and clarity is from S12 up to IS. On average, the Eighty-Eight diamond is sold at a premium of 5% to 10% over round diamonds.


According to a Chinese legend dating back to 888 A.D., newlyweds decorating their homes with symbols inspired by the 88 will be blessed with happiness and good luck. This legend makes the purchase of an Eighty-Eight diamond as an engagement ring doubly romantic.

This article was contributed by Frank Fisher.

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learn everything you need to know before you buy a diamond in this detailed book!